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30th September 2020 (2000hrs Nairobi time)

7th October 2020 (2000hrs Nairobi time)

With 1162 species of birds recognized on the latest IOC Checklist, Kenya stands out as one of the best birding nations in Africa. This is coupled with 11 national endemics and a good collection of regional endemics. Birding in Kenya is often overshadowed by the big game, and Kenya is definitely well known for World spectacles such as the Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration. However, Kenya is the easiest birding country in East Africa, and has for many years held global records in the longest species lists from tours, of any African country.

This webinar will look at the special birding opportunities that Kenya offers and reasons why you should definitely add Kenya to your future birding calendars. The talk will look at some of the best birds that Kenya has to offer and some of the best sites to visit. The talk will also include best seasons and the ease of birding for the key sites.

Washington has led hundreds of birding tours, research expeditions and bird mapping trips across Kenya in the last decade. His journey has led him to discover several range extensions for some of the country’s sort-after species. In this talk, Washington will also be sharing his passion for birds and how he has been helping to grow avi-tourism across Kenya. He has been involved with many birding training events and courses. He founded the Kenya Women Birders, where with his company Cisticola Tours, they are helping nurture a generation of female bird guides across the country.

Kenya is a phenomenal birding destination, with 1162 species of birds to be found and appreciated. The ease of birding and the well-developed facilities make for a great experience every time you visit the country. In this masterclass, Washington takes us through an in-depth analysis of the key birding sites and special birds of the country, also sharing his vast experience on how to best bird in Kenya for both short and long tours.

We shall also dive deep into the seasonality of birds across Kenya, looking at migrations and breeding seasons. We shall also be looking at some of the best seasons to travel for key species.

The main focus areas will include:

  • Kenya’s birding diversity
  • Key birding sites and biomes
  • Seasonality in the birding diversity across the year
  • Breeding seasons among Kenya’s birds
  • How to plan tours to Kenya for maximum species and habitats; both long and short trips combinations
  • Best times of the year to try for rare and special birds

Even if you are not going to visit Kenya, this master class should not be missed if you want to better know the birds of our rich and diverse continent.