Global Bird Weekend October 2020 the Biggest Birdwatching event of the year

The Safari Naturalist
The Safari Naturalist


This year, the World is celebrating the largest global birding event with the smallest carbon footprint. On the weekend of 17th and 18th, October 2020; all birders from across the entire World will unite for an amazing event – the Global Bird Weekend.

The aim of the weekend is to have all birders united across the entire World to raise awareness about birds and also raise funds for species conservation efforts.

On the 17th, all birders will take part in the Global Big Day, hosted by eBird. This will be a day where birders will aim to see the highest number of birds species over a 24 hours period. The target will be to set a World record and therefore the species lists from the entire World will be combined to make one big global list.

On the 18th, birders will again unite for a second day of birding, as they seek to find more species. But the main goal of this second day will be showing the entire World all the amazing birds that were seen across the entire globe on the 17th of October. On the 18th, birders are encouraged to visit their local forest, park or any nearby patch for them to see and photograph as many birds as they can. The photographs will then be shared with the whole World online using different platforms. Some birders may also choose to draw or sketch the birds they see in their local area and these will also be shared with the whole World.

This year there is also a huge array of prizes to be won and all birders are encouraged to register on the website for them to join the prizes draw. Prizes include:-

  • Brand new pairs of top-end binoculars brands
  • Free sponsored tours in different parts of the World
  • A full year membership to the amazing Birds of the World website
  • Among other prizes…

The Global Bird Weekend is also fun because birders can register teams and take part as a club, society, association, country or even a group of friends. What is even more exciting is that the team members can be living in different parts of the World and still form a team. There will also be team awards and participants can fundraise as a team to support the Global Bird Weekend fundraising efforts.

The Safari Naturalist
The Safari Naturalist